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Matthew Snelleksz, is a business owner and founder of the entrepreneurial accounting firm Snelleksz & Co that he started in 2000. (see linkedIn). In 2017 Matthew sold his practice so he could concentrate on training partners, owners and managers of other accounting firms all around Australia on how to build a Value-Based Accounting Firm through his intensive 1-Day Workshop. He has developed specific systems, processes, tools and strategies, that he uses himself to show public practitioners how to:

• Implement Value-Based Pricing;

• Eliminate write-offs forever and achieve a minimum of 20% write-ups;

• Price upfront and collect upfront 100% of all fees; and

• Grow existing client fees organically without spending a single dollar on marketing.

The tools and strategies he puts to use every day are tried and proven. He will show you the proof and how to do the same in your accounting firm if you have the courage. He is author of the ground-breaking business book “Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle” and is a much sought after keynote speaker and business and financial commentator.

In 2017 Matthew was appointed by CPA Australia to design and rewrite the CPA Australia 2-Day Public Practice Program Intensive (PPPI). The program must be undertaken by all graduating CPAs in Australia and in New Zealand before they commence public practice so they are given the latest up-to-date tools and strategies to create a successful, sustainable and growing accounting business.

Matthew designed, wrote and created 80% of the content of the program, including the extensive case studies to help attendees build the best accounting business they could. He also spent six months travelling around Australia as the Lead Presenter on behalf of CPA Australia facilitating the workshops as well as training a cohort of presenters on how to deliver the new Public Practice Program Intensive.

Matthew also designed and created the CPA Public Practice Upgrade Program. This program is specifically tailored towards existing owners of accounting firms who have been in public practice for more than 10 years who wish to upgrade their practice management skills and knowledge. The program covers areas such as value-based fees, modern marketing and growth strategies, partner succession planning and building a sustainable accounting business of the future.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Queensland and has also undertaken Post-Graduate Study at Harvard Business School in Boston, in Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Business Start-ups. In addition Matthew was a FCPA.

If you are in business, you deserve to be successful!



This is what I am, first and foremost. I’m a qualified FCPA, and have studied at Harvard Business School. I know my “stuff” and the mechanics of being successful in business.


I have written one of the most practical business books on the market today; Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle and I have several more books in development.


I had my own accounting business and I’ve spent the last 30 years helping business owners grow their businesses. I have the experience and street-smart credibility to advise businesses. I’m not some trumped-up marketeer or what I call “work-from-home” business coach.

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